What is the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair?

One of the most arduous tasks after dyeing your hair is looking for the best shampoo and conditioner for colour-treated hair. When you walk into a supermarket and go to the aisle of shampoos, there are rows upon rows (or shelves) of shampoos just claiming that they are the best in retaining your hair colour. So, you probably pick one out, use it and find out that you just spend nearly $10 on a product that left your hair lanky, dry and the lovely shine of the colour faded away anyway leaving you to think that the shampoo you just bought was a waste of your money. So, how do you know which one of these is the best colour and conditioner for colour treated hair and which ones are a waste? To be honest, all of these shampoos claiming to retain colour and leaving your hair shiny aren’t exactly lying (they’d be caught by the consumer protection agencies if they were). The problem isn’t in the shampoo, it is in the way you treat your hair and the kind of shampoo you use. 



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Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair 


Before choosing the best shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair, it is important to know the chemistry of hair colours and how our hair works around them in order to have a far more logical understanding of how things work. When you dye your hair, even though the end result looks gorgeous, the process includes harsh chemicals being applied to your hair and stripping your hair of your original colour so that the new one can be applied. Now, the hair has an outer layer of lipid which makes the hair feel soft, look shiny and protects the hair from dust, grime etc. Dyeing generally strips off the lipid from your hair for it to change the colour, but this process also leaves your hair dry and porous and this causes the hair to lose colour and look worn-out.


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‚ÄčWhy does coloured hair look dull after a while?

This usually happens when you over-wash your hair. When the hair becomes porous, water goes in and out of the hair and takes some of the colour with it. That is why when you wash colour treated hair, for a long time the water becomes coloured too. So, one way of retaining your hair colour would be to not let your hair stay in the water for a long time. Don’t run too much water through your hair, just enough to clean it and get the shampoo out of it. 

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Can all shampoos be coloured hair? 

There are different kinds of shampoos that are available, so if you have coloured hair, you should know the kinds of conditioners and shampoos available and whether they are good for you. Clarifying shampoos are generally loaded with chemicals which do clean out hairspray residue or make greasy hair clean, but what they do is that they also remove lipids from the hair and this causes the hair to lose colour as well. Have you ever looked at the fine print of a shampoo bottle and saw the word Sodium Lauryl Sulfate on it? If you have and your hair is dyed, well then you’ve just met your worst nightmare. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or commonly known as SLS is a kind of chemical that is used in almost all detergents. This causes the shampoos to have that foamy texture and creates lather. What it also does is it penetrates in your hair and removes the lipid layer. However, there are many brands which have introduced the new SLS-free shampoos which aren’t as harsh as others. So, if you want to keep your hair looking shiny and bright for a longer time then the best shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair should be from the SLS-free range. I would also suggest you use a shampoo and conditioner from the same range because they are made to complement each other and would have better results.

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