Tips for Synthetic wig care

Wigs are gaining the most popularity with women nowadays, not just because they make them look good but also because it is a fashion trend worldwide. Generally, there are two types of wigs in the market. The first are the ones made from natural human synthetically the others are synthetically made from manmade materials like silk and nylon. Caring for the two types requires different ways with each needing its own chemicals and detergents.

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While wigs from human hair can be handled comfortably with locally available normal chemicals, the synthetic type needs special treatment. The life span of a synthetic wig is about six months, but this can be extended with proper care and maintenance practices. There are three steps in making sure your synthetic wig stays in good form, the washing, the styling, and the storage steps. To wash, begin by straightening out the wig either by using your hand or a wire brush. You should avoid using other types of brushes, as they tend to wear out the wig faster. A wire brush is recommended because it is firm and stable enabling it to move freely in the wig without restrictions.

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Use a synthetic wig shampoo to wash. Begin by dissolving the detergent in a basin of water, most preferably cold water and dip your wig in it. Allow it to rest for a few minutes before you begin washing. Warm water is known to spoil the fabric, so you should avoid using it unless the instructions state so. Wash by squeezing on the wig gently, and then rinse through will cold water. In drying, you can a towel to squeeze the excess water out of the wig, then let it stand or hang under shade to lose the moisture.

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Styling and storage go together. There are products used in grooming your wig including some lotions and oils that you can use to make your wig look more natural. Styling is usually done just before storing, either after wearing it or after washing. This helps maintain quality by keeping the fabric strong. To minimize interweaving of the wig, keep it with the net on while avoiding dumb or dry places.

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